Newsletter of David Wilson

MARCH 2024

“I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it…” Matthew 16:18

Dear Friend,

Nothing can stop the advancement of the Church that Christ is building. Of all the causes on earth, only the building of His Church is eternal. Different religions and leaders have tried to stop it, but all have failed. His Church continues to grow. Its main purpose is world evangelization. We are privileged to have a small part in this high calling. In 2023, God used our national evangelists in 12 developing countries to reach over half a million people with the Gospel.

KENYA  As I flew over Egypt on a KLM flight to Kenya, I was following our journey on the TV monitor. Suddenly I noticed that we were leaving the track and heading towards the Red Sea. Soon we were over the Red Sea, and heading directly for Yemen, where missiles are being launched from to hit Israel and ships going to the Suez Canal. Becoming a little alarmed, I asked the flight attendant to look at my screen and tell me what was happening. She didn’t understand, and also became concerned. So I told her that I used to be an airline captain, and asked her to call the captain. After talking with him, she came back to explain that KLM was not permitted to fly over the Sudan because of the danger. This was good to hear, but we still proceeded towards Yemen. Finally, as we passed the border of the Sudan with Ethiopia, we turned from the Red Sea and proceeded directly to Nairobi, Kenya. It is so good to know that we are immortal in God’s will until He calls us home. I don’t mind dying for the Lord, but I don’t want to die in a plane crash!

Missionaries began coming to Kenya in the 18th century, but it was known as the “White man’s graveyard”. Africa has claimed the lives of more Protestant missionaries than any other area of the world. Although evangelism has been costly, the investment has produced one of the most fruitful mission fields in the world. Pastors and missionaries are held in high esteem. While 80% of Kenyans would call themselves Christians, less than 10% attend church. Some pastors are preaching prosperity gospel and false doctrine. There is a great need for frontline evangelism.


Our national evangelists work inland where Bible teaching churches are few. We drove passed Zebra on our way to the Samburu tribal region. When we have trained a Samburu speaking evangelist, we will open a new branch in this region. The 333,000 Samburu people are very friendly and responsive to the gospel. Some still believe in spirits and gods, and that elders possess witch doctor power. We found a cheap hotel for $4 a night, and were blessed to have a mosquito net and hot shower when there was power. When you consider our Lord Jesus sometimes had no place to lay His head, we were living in luxury. A restaurant nearby provided food at $3 each for 2 meals a day. While the table was covered in flies, these were soon wiped away. A carcass of a goat hung in the window, and each day pieces were cut off and sold. There was no refrigeration. We ate beef stew (50% meat and 50% fat), and Ugali (maize flour).


Moses, our director, had arranged with a pastor to line up public schools for assemblies. Almost half of Kenya is under 15 years of age, so schools are a tremendous harvest field. They are  wide open for preaching. One principal even said when welcoming us, “It is good to see the white man here today.” Probably it was the first time that most, if not all, had seen a Mzungu.

Up to 1,500 attended our assemblies.


Rain began as we set up outside at one high school. Already 700 were sitting on chairs waiting.

They were then told to go quickly to a big room. Soon half were inside, and half left outside in the rain. The next order was to leave their chairs and run to another big room. The 700 jammed inside, leaving almost no room for us to squeeze in. Moses started our generator and brought in a light. The students were excited and wild. When I began to speak with Jacinta translating, I prayed that God would calm them down and open their hearts to His word. The parables of Christ have great power in Africa. Also, everyone wants money! I told them I was going to speak about a rich farmer who was a fool. They began to quieten down.  The fool forgot 5 things: money can’t buy happiness, time runs out, sinful pleasures don’t last, he had an eternal soul, and he was accountable to God. That night he heard God saying to him, “You fool. Tonight your soul shall be required of you.” He died, left everything behind, and opened his eyes in hell. Do you want to be a fool like him? The students were silent. The Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God,” but  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Jesus said, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole word and lose his own soul.” After speaking about sin, the cross, the resurrection, and Christ saying that a wise man is one who hears His word and obeys, I asked them, “Who wants to be wise?” Many said “Yes!” Again I asked, “Who wants to repent and trust Christ as your Savior and Lord?” There came a thundering “YES.” Jacinta then led them in a prayer in Swahili for salvation. Of course, only God knows who were “born again,” but their conviction as they prayed out loud indicated that many were very sincere.


In one remote area, the pastor led us to a 7-acre farm for our open air film meeting. We set up opposite a sheep fold, where the sheep are put at night to protect them from lions. The teenage son began to tell me how he had come face to face with a lion. He survived by locking eyes with the lion, and slowly backing up. Then his mother called out, “Ask the Mzungu for 20 shillings” (13 cents), because she lacked this amount to buy food. Of course I gave more. How wonderful if they trust Christ. They can become His sheep and have eternal life. A good crowd came from the surrounding farms and watched the Jesus film in Samburu for two hours. After the sketch board message, most prayed aloud to repent and trust Christ. The same happened at every open air meeting. Because we were in complete darkness, we couldn’t get photos. Only God knows the total results of these meetings. One boy told me after the message, “I want to be an evangelist!” As the Lord calls future evangelists, the results will go on until He comes.


  • For the protection of our evangelists, especially in Africa, South Asia & Ukraine.
  • For my coming trips to Jamaica (March), Ecuador (May), Bolivia (July), Congo (September).
  • For our support as we all live by faith in God to provide through His dear people.

THANK YOU from the depths of our hearts to you who are standing with us with your prayers and gifts. This frontline ministry of evangelism exists because of you.

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Compelled by His Love,

David Wilson